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Mauviel Saute Pan - 11" [214528]


Mauviel Saute Pan - 11" Professional Series 2.5mm Tin Lined Cast Iron Handle 11" x 2.9" - 4.9 Qt.


Tin lined copper heats faster then any other cookware and can easily overheat if left unattended


you will need to use wood or plastic/silicone utensils with Tin lined pans as metal will scratch and remove the tin 


we recommend using low heat setting for most of your cooking with oils and medium low for cooking with water. you may need to do some experimenting with the pan if your not accustomed to tin linings


copper will easily overheat without oil or liquid in the bottom causing the tin to bubble and reform in small lumps this will not harm your pan


use cooking oils with higher smoking temperatures for best results when frying and sautéing save your evoo for finishing the dish


tin linings are less likely to grab or stick to your food and easier to clean up afterwards


your Mauviel tin lined pan will easily clean with hot soapy water


your Mauviel pans will stay shiny and new looking by avoiding all cleaning powders and inferior polishes that contain abrasives and bleaching agents


recommended polishes for Mauviel copper are Copperbrill Bistro,Cobra and Shadazzle these polishes will not scratch they polish quickly and vary in price from low to high


Tin linings will oxidize quickly and turn grey as it ages it does no harm to the pan or the food being cooked


eventually the tin will wear out and need to sent out for retinning we have many customers report from 5 to 10 years use per pan between refurbishing


a tin lined pan can cost hundreds of dollars less then a stainless steel lined pan and last a lifetime with several trips to the re-tinners and offers a superior cooking experience


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