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Mauviel Cookware FAQs

FAQs about Mauviel Cookware

Everything you ever wanted to know about copper cookware

For hundreds of years copper has been the choice of the world's best cooks due to its superior ability to heat evenly and efficiently. France's finest chefs, as well as chefs all over the world, use Mauviel's 2 mm - 3.5mm professional copper cookware. Mauviel currently makes copper pans with two different linings and three different handles.

Their best is the professional series, which is available in tin lined and also 18/10 stainless steel. They also make a tabletop series (1.5 mm - 2.0 mm) both in tin and 18/10 stainless steel. Tabletop pieces all have bronze handles. They are excellent for roasting and baking and the stovetop. The most recent addition to the product line is called "style". This is a modern design featuring a polished 2mm copper exterior stainless steel ergonomic handle that stays cool and rolled edge that resists dripping and a stainless steel lining.  

Why use Copper

No other material is so well suited for cooking foods as copper. Its ability to respond quickly to heat or heat off is unequalled by any other metal or ceramic utensil. Copper pans cook food evenly without hot spots that can burn. Copper can be professionally polished after many years of use and be made to look better than new. With some basic care your copper pans will last many lifetimes. Copper pans heat faster than other pans use less fuel and cook at lower heat settings. Be sure to turn down the heat when cooking with your new copper pan you will only need to cook at medium for high, medium low for medium and low for most of your dishes.

Seasoning Your Steel Lined Pan

Before using your new copper pan we recommend you season the stainless steel lining. This will help keep your food from sticking to the pan. Apply a thin layer of peanut or other high smoke oil with a paper towel. Put only enough to coat the steel lining and remove all the excess. Then heat the pan till just before the oil begins to smoke and remove it from the stove. Let the pan cool off and then rinse the pan and dry off with a towel Your pan is now ready for use. It will not be necessary to repeat this unless you use scouring powder or steel wool to wash your pan. We do not recommend you use steel wool to clean any pan. Do not put the oil on the copper it will be very difficult to remove once you heat the pan

How to Clean Mauviel Copper Cookware

With proper seasoning it will be easy to keep your lining clean. Simply soak the pan for a short time in warm soapy water and clean with a sponge. The copper will discolor after use and the "CopperBrill" cleaner is the perfect cleaner to bring back the shine and new appearance with little to no elbow grease necessary. The small container usually lasts about a year. Hint? put the sponge back in the container dry do not rinse it out with water it will work better this way. The water stops the chemical reaction so washing the sponge makes the sponge not work.

Tin Lined

Copper must be lined since it reacts to acidic foods and without a lining the copper may discolor your food or impart a bitter taste. Mauviel tells us that the French chefs prefer tin linings because food is not as prone to sticking to tin and is a better conductor of heat. It is necessary to use wood or non-metallic utensils due to the softness of the tin. The tin linings should be cleaned with soap and water and Copperbrill cleaner should be used keep the copper shiny and new. If food is baked on, it should be soaked in warm soapy water until it becomes soft. Never use cleansers, steel wool or Scotch-Brite. If the cleaner can scratch, do not use it.

Cooking with tin lined copper requires lower heat settings due to its superior heat conductivity. You can use these pieces in your oven, but not above 450 degrees. Tin melts at 460 degrees, so please be careful. Overheating the tin will not wreck the pan but the lining may bubble and form small puddles. It is safe to use the pan as long as the copper is not showing thru regardless of overheating the tin. To avoid having this happen again your old flame settings will have to be revised. We suggest half the flame you are used to if you have been using aluminum, even less if you use steel, and much less if you cook with cast iron.

In time, tin will wear out and you will see through to the copper. At this time, you will have to send your pan to a retinner where it can be retinned and made to look new again. The folks at Rocky Mountain Tinning provide this service. Tin lined copper is substantially less costly than stainless steel lined, which helps defray the eventual expense.

The linings of the tin will last for many years if you treat them with respect. How many years depend on the amount of use and the care and cleaning method. It is best to let the pan soak in warm soapy water until food particles are dislodged about 30 minutes will usually due the trick and then you can wash with a soapy sponge before drying.

Stainless Steel Lined

Mauviel Stainless Steel Lined Copper Pans carry a lifetime warranty. You may choose steel utensils as well as steel wools or abrasive powders with your steel lined pan but it will be necessary to re-season your pan afterwards. It is safe to use these pans under your broiler as well as in the oven. Soak in hot soapy water to clean the interior. Use Copperbrill on the copper exterior and your pots will always look new. You can also use Bar Keeper's Friend or scouring powder on the stainless steel linings. You will have to re season your pan if you use powders or steel wool to clean the lining since this method will undo the seasoning. Mauviel pans have a highly polished copper exterior that will stay shiny only by avoiding abrasive cleaners. The Copperbrill polish is the best cleaner for keeping the pans shiny. We have found that almost every other copper polish will scratch the Mauviel shiny copper surface.

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